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I have a 2004 HD Sporty 1200. I love it. It's tall, unlike most Sporters; we added a ton of chrome and my gear matches - I'm funny this way. I love my ride. Hubby is safe to take me in the shop, nothing is catching my eye...

So what do you ride?

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Hey Black Mamba - WELCOME 2 the Diva Ride!! Now u know u must put a pic up as soon as you can right lol!!! By the way, I started out on a 250 KAW Ninja, then went to a KAW 636, & now ride a 1300 Hayabusa. It's a gradual thing. I firmly believe that I am not riding to impress anybody - but to ride for the pleasure of riding. Many women see me riding this big bike and immediately say: You look good on that bike and I want to ride one too....without realizing this is my 3rd bike and I started out small. I remember guys teasing me on my 250 saying: "Yo baby Is that a training wheel bike?" Mind you I'm 6'1'' tall & sure I may have looked awkward, but rather live than look awkward on a bike!! Well girlfriend, they ain't laughing anymore! Now I get mad respect from the fellas and they back down - saying: "I'm scared of u!" The point is is to ride within your skill level and allow nobody to tell you otherwise. RIDE 2 LIVE!! God bless & be safe ok??

Black Mamba said:
I'm new the forum, this is my second bike. My first bike was last year (for my birthday) was a 1991 Yamaha V-Max (Vicki)...a little too much bike for me. Today my husband bought (for my birthday THIS year), a Kawasaki Ninja 500R which I have affectionately labeled The Black Mamba. She's quite comfortable not too heavy, and handles very well. After Vicki I was quite a bit afraid of riding again after dropping her a few times on the gravel driveway and taking tons of effort to get her back up right again. Now, I can't wait to get on the road!

Ms Mamba is Black, no gear selected yet, it's only been about 4 hours!!

LaNecia in Spokane

I luv rolling out on my 1300 Hayabusa! Just clocked a little over 10,000 miles on "Tanjee" in less than a year (named because of her pearlescent tangerine color) and riding is truly my THERAPIST!! My motto is "NO DRAMA...JUST RIDE!!" This is my 3rd bike and now I have the "cadillac" of the sports bikes and thank God for a wonderful hubby (20 yrs married) who encourages me, blesses me, and SHOWS his love for me in phenomenal ways. By the way, he rides a 'Busa also and we usually ride together with our his-n-her 'Busas. His is gun metal black & we just live our life to the fullest. I strongly advise other women to do the same, single or married...get out there and enjoy life ladies!! DO YOUR THING..quit looking at the bike & ride it!!
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This is reading what bikes everyone is riding. New to the forum!! I started on a Shadow VLX600, just moved up to the Shadow Spirit 1100 (boyfriend hand me down) I'm really looking into the Victory Vegas Low. Here in Portland, at the PIR race track, on the 1st of July, Victory will be having a demo ride for their bikes and am looking forward to testing riding. *Liz*
My ride now is my hubby's 'hand-me-down', a Vulcan 1500 Classic, Big Betsy and I are just getting to know each other lol, since it has been 20 years since I learned on little Betsy, she was a 650cc Yamaha Heritage Special. There are 20 years between and lots more weight so we are taking it nice and slow until we get comfy with each other LOL And no, hubby has not offered to let me try his new ride yet :-)
i ride a 2006 suzuki 1000 with a 360 tire kit , the theme of hitman i love to ride, and me and my husband rides also and he rides 1300 busa and we love it and just be relaxing and enjoying life , and he also has an 360 fat tire kit on his bike
i have had three bikes so far the first one was an 07 Road King Classic, the 2nd 1200c sportster and the 3rd 07 Fatboy custom rims and chromed out, ine if the best rides of a Harley Davidson motorcylce

I have my first bike the Suzuki 650F, I am in love with the Hayabusa and the H-D V-Rod.

One day...

Started on a Yamaha 250, rode it for a couple of months; sold it to the first looker and then bought my current 2008 Honda Aero 750 and have been riding it now for 2 months.  It's enough of a bike for this beginner and I am loving riding. 

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