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Do You Have What It Takes To Ride With A Diva ?

How many of you belong to women only riding group(s)? 

Have any of you started your on riding group?

What worked well and what pitfalls need to be avoided? 

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I don't belong to an all women riding group because I'm not the average rider. Many women groups are fair weather local riders. I'm an extreme rider. I average 300 - 500 miles a day on long rides, so most often I ride with men, my husband or alone.

I belong to the NJBSMC which is a male and female M/C. My longest group ride was over 8500 miles and my longest solo ride was just over 3300 miles.

That is impressive mileage.  I'm just starting out and currently would fall into the fair weather category.  I too am married but the hub does not ride.  I have been taking some rides with a mixed group I found on and have enjoyed riding with them; they are a great group of folks. 

I have been thinking other single women or those whose significant other does not ride might feel more comfortable joining a women's only group,

especially if they are like me and just starting out.  

Thanks for the reply. 

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