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Last summer while riding in this h-o-t in-the-south weather, hubby introduced me to a handy accesory to help keep me cool while actually riding. (ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS PLEASE GIVE A SHOUT OUT!) A small back pack that I can freeze over night & strap it on my back for our longer rides. (Has a long drink tube for hands free operation). I always have my tank bag w/ at least 2 bottles of frozen water handy, but found this lightweight back pack rather handy for longer rides outta town. In fact, for those of you who hate back packs, such as myself - I found it not only hydrates me without interrupting my ride to pull over BUT also keeps my back nice & cool also!! Found on Ebay for bout $20 on a bid auction last year. Comes in 2 diff sizes but I prefer small 'cuz I just dont like stuff on my back while riding. Staying hydrated is the key to eliminate possible heat strokes out there while rolling in the heat. Let's not forget to carry suntan lotion to re-apply every 2-3 hours, comes in small bottles for convenience!! (Yes, even for us women of color - we still need it ladies). BE SAFE & still keep it sexy!! PEACE.

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Oh, 1 more thing...I hate the "raccoon eyes" look when the humidity melts mascara & discovered the GEL waterproof eyeliner/mascara works wonders in high heat - keeping it intact without scaring people when you remove your helmet and/or sunglasses.
Who makes the gel waterproof eyeliner/mascara?
KawgirlGA said:
Who makes the gel waterproof eyeliner/mascara?
I think I posted directly to you instead of here - sorry lol...anyway I bought mine on Ebay for like $10 - lasted me ALL summer well into the Fall....just key in waterproof gel eye liner and it should pop up. Cannot find any in Walmnart's, Walgreens, or even a CVS in my area!! A company called - has awesome info on the gel liner product...most are pretty much the same. Really thick but we are the artist and in control of how much is applied.

I found this at a local sporting goods store and it works pretty well.  Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad.

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