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I need all my female riders to PLEASE HELP me!

My name is Angie Young.  I am the only female out of thousands of entrys to make it to the eight finalist in the Kawasaki "zero to hero" challange.  I am a motorcycle drag racer. I have come through 4 judging phases and this is the last.  I need my Women power behind me.  You can go to and it is the first thing to pop of on screen... (vote not for the zero to hero challange)... This win would allow me to go to Rickey Gadson's Drag racing school.  Rickey is a nine time world champion.   Also, a chance to race on Las Vegas Drag strip for a new Drag bike.  Now yall... Im country and a single mom of 3 boys.. this is a once in lifetime chance.  I just want to ask you Please for your help and support.  You can find the drag racing group of girls I lead on facebook.  Just search slick-wicked and you can keep up with our progess.   Rememeber! You can vote once a day everyday until April 14th.  Words cant explain what your support would mean to me, and Come on girls.... I've got some guys ASSETS to kick on the track...your voting would represent that! Thank you so much!

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That should have read.. vote now for the zero to hero challange.   I truly appreciate any votes yall!


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