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As a woman, I have had my trials and tribulations in trying to find a decent helmet that is designed for a woman. In fact due to my lack of luck I own over 10 helmets! However as of late I have found a great supplier that carries fashionable and functional helmets suited for us women. They have great designs, excellent prices, superb customer service and great warranties. Check them out and let me know what you think.... Womens Helmets

ps If you find a better supplier please share the info!

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I'm looking for a nice Red 3/4 Helmet with a cute design and maybe some "Bling" on it.  I've got about 7 helmets, but I need one for extreme weather. It also needs to be able to accommodate my communications headset.  Any suggestions?

Here is a pretty nice modular that offers blue tooth built in. You can take calls, listen to gps directions or even listen to streaming music from your phone. It's a modular design so it is a full face helmet that quickly converts to a open face with the push of a single button. It also has a pretty sweet retractable sun visor....I just ordered one. I'll let you know how well it performs.

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