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Public Notice: Unauthorized Use of Divas For A Cure Logo, Fraud and Misrepresentation of DFAC

This is a Pirated Unauthorized Edited Version of the Real Divas Ride/Divas For A Cure logo.


Pinocchio’s Bar & Grill (Reno, NV), Pinocchio’s Ba & Grill (Sparks, NV), Moms on the Run (Reno, NV), and Ride for the TaTas (Reno, NV) are NOT affiliated with Real Divas Ride “RDR” & Divas For A Cure “DFAC” in any way. Nor has RDR and/or DFAC authorized these entities to create and use an altered RDR/DFAC logo. Monies raised by the above mentioned entities (through and not limited to donations or sale of merchandise with the altered logo) were not authorized by DFAC/RDR nor has DFAC/RDR received any monies from the sale of these items.

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Comment by Sunny The Diva on March 25, 2014 at 5:51pm

If you find someone using an unauthorized edited version of the Divas For A Cure logo and collecting funds in our name, please do not support them.  Report them to us, or to the IRS and the local Police Department.



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