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Hello All! I am just about to embark on learning to ride, got a bike (450cc) and scheduled for the course. What I really need advice on at the moment is gear. I got a good pair of boots with ankle support, but I'm stuck on what to do for a jacket. While leather is best for protection against losing my skin if I hit the ground (they call it "de-gloving" god how gruesome is that) I'm worried that I will turn into a giant puddle in the summer sun. Also I'm a big woman, and it's not so easy to find a decently priced leather in my size (which seems to be a 5xl , definitely a man came up with this sizing). I'm leaning more towards a textile jacket with armor, for temperature reasons as well as fit. I guess what I'm asking is ,if in your experiences, will textile will give me enough skin protection when/if I go down? Anything in particular that I should look for in a textile jacket? Or leather for that matter. Also, any suggestions on gloves?

Much appreciated any advice anyone can give!

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Comment by Sunny The Diva on March 27, 2011 at 6:03pm
Look for a multiple-weather jacket with a zip out liner with reflective piping or detailing. I prefer textile in the summer and leather in the winter. I also have an overjacket that is water proof. I have many jackets and about five types of gloves. I like long gloves for added protection. You have to dress for the ride and also for preference. Style is really my last consideration. I would rather be a little sweaty than have to heal from road rash. I'm an experienced rider and I've been down and it's never pretty!
Comment by Yavonda on March 27, 2011 at 5:33pm
Well any type of leather gloves will be good for protection.



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